April 24th marks the National Panchayathi Raj Day, in India. Despite the troubled times we are facing due to the COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus Pandemic, our Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken it upon himself to address the village Gram Panchayaths on this special day! Modi addressed the village panchayaths using video conferencing and had words of advise and encouragement for the villages! He mentioned that the COVID-19 Pandemic's biggest lesson to people, has been to become self-reliant and despite throwing up challenges that the nation has never faced before, made people learn new things!

PM Narendra Modi addresses Gram Panchayaths on National Panchayathi Raj Day

Here's a point-wise summary of our PM Narendra Modi's address to the Gram Panchayaths:

* On the occasion of National Panchayathi Raj Day, Modi launched a unified e-Gram Swaraj portal and a mobile app.
* He wished all the villagers a very happy Panchayathi Raj Diwas.
* Mentioned COVID-19 Corona Virus has brought about a huge impact on how we live and work.
* Wished all those who had won Panchayathi Raj awards.
* Corona Virus has made it clear that we must become self-reliant for our survival.
* Advancement of technology has made it possible to interact with people from villages in all corners of India.
* The e-Gram Swaraj portal and app should be used by all villagers and would help in maintaining records and help in providing information as well as get loans when required, from banks.
* Villages have been dealing better than cities with self-dependency and that there is much to learn from this.
* The simple motto of the villages following 'Do gaj doori' (2 yards distance) is far easier to understand than the big words of social distancing and must be followed religiously.