The collection of one Tamil film that was majorly hit due to the corona outbreak was Harish Kalyan starrer Dharala Prabhu. The film had some very good word of mouth and was garnering decent reception from the audience despite corona scare but the film’s run came to an abrupt halt due to the lockdown declared by the Indian government. Of course, the lockdown was inevitable given the helpless state that the country is in now. But Dharala Prabhu is one film that deserved a better run at the box office. 
 dharala prabhu
Many people who couldn’t catch the film on theatre are now enjoying it on Amazon Prime. The latest fan for the film happens to be actress Nivetha Pethuraj who has praised the film, she just can’t stop appreciating Vivek’s comedy in particular. This is what the Tik Tik Tik actress has to say - “We've seen Vivek sir in a variety of roles ranging from being an out and out comedian to playing someone serious but he has just stolen the cake in #DharalaPrabhu. Right from his comic timing to his emotional portions, he has nailed it! So much to learn from you, sir! 😍 Do catch the film on @Primevideoin, I'm sure you won't stop laughing. 😉 #DharalaPrabhuOnPrime”