Today has been yet another sad day for Tamil Nadu, with over 100 new cases being tested positive for the COVID-19 in the state. This news was announced by Dr. Beela Rajesh, Secretary of Health & Family Welfare - Govt. of Tamil Nadu, at her daily press meet. The government has decided to test around 2000 people from tomorrow, so we can expect these numbers to increase in the coming days. There are a lot of preventive measures in place but the deadly Corona Virus has been wreaking havoc and the total number of lives it has claimed in Tamil Nadu alone, has gone up to 11. Kamal Haasan has now issued a statement asking the state government to seek more help from NGO’s.  
His tweets read as follows - “Neighbouring states in south are seeking help of NGO’s, youth & retired doctors. Unfortunate, my TN Government has passed an order impeding help from the willing and earnest. Oh! Respected? Ministers. No time for commision or omission. Let trained civil service personnel do their job. Stay safe. No time for brownie points.  
While other state CMs take an autonomous call on lockdown, What are you waiting for, my Honourable CM? Your Master's voice? My voice is of the People and from them. Wake up sir while you sit, still in your chair.”