Almost all the people are still reeling from the shock of the rapidly spreading COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus. Though some authorities have asked us to live with the Virus, it is still something that has us all worried. With all this on one hand, the residents of Bengaluru were in for a further shock earlier today! Suddenly, a huge "Boom" sound resonated across the city today and this left all the residents of the city confused and shocked! This sound was followed by reverberations with walls and windows shaking. Even more shocking is the fact that the source of this sound has not been identified yet!

Mysterious Boom noise triggers panic in Bengaluru!

Though initially many people considered the sound to be caused by a minor earthquake, the Karnataka State Disaster Monitoring Centre has revealed that they have not detected any earthquake or any other seismic activity and stated the reason behind the noise as being unknown! The Police have also been investigating the source of the noise and on ground searches have so far revealed nothing and no kind of damage has also been reported from anywhere. There are heavy speculations that the sound could have been caused by some sort of Air Force activity, most probably by an Air Force Fighter Jet, flying over the city! This theory gained weight after several Air Force choppers were noted in the air, during the course of the day. However, the Air Force has neither confirmed nor denied this theory, yet!