The entire world has been affected by the Corona Virus and this Pandemic has already claimed thousands of lives with the number of those affected, increasing exponentially day by day. Chennai in particular has a massive raise in numbers in the recent days. The general public who were asked to self-isolate themselves and remain inside their houses to prevent the spread of this Virus for 40 days. Now the lockdown has been relaxed a bit in most of Indian states. Almost all the hospitals are overflowing with patients affected by the Virus as well as those getting screened for it. 
SS Thaman who recently confirmed that he will be scoring music for Vijay’s upcoming film Thalapathy 65 has now took to his Twitter space to share a useful message - “Everything what’s happening NOW to the world and for us is A New learning no one has been in this period ever Before. So as we r opening up too many things slowly pls do not take life easy it’s not jus u getting into issues but putting others also into it. So let’s make sure we maintaining clean hygiene around us it’s like protecting U is also protecting others too . Pls follow the social distancing when ur able to buy things pls get a proper MASK. ALSO which is the most IMPORTANT THING NOW !!  TAKE CARE Stay safe” - SS Thaman