The Metropolitan Transport Corporation (MTC) - Chennai has issued a set of new rules and instructions to travelers and employees to be incorporated from May 4 once the nationwide lockdown comes to an end on May 3. In the list of instructions, the MTC staff including drivers and conductors have been told clearly not to entertain any travelers on board the buses in case they do not wear masks. Furthermore, the MTC staff have been instructed to allow travelers to adopt social distancing during their travel to their destinations across Chennai city.

MTC Chennai to not allow travelers in buses without corona masks

The list of rules the MTC has issued to its employees are as follows:

1) All MTC employees should wear masks while on duty.

2) Employees must wash their hands properly using soap once every hour.

3) Staff must clean their table, chair, computer, mouse, keyboard, steering wheel, cash bag, tools, etc at least two to three times a day.

4) Upon completion of their day's duty, employees must clean all the items they have used.

5) In the event of a staff suffering from fever or showing any symptoms of coronavirus, they must take leave for treatment.

6) Staff must adhere to social distancing at all workplaces.

7) All employees must download the Aarogya Setu app on their smartphones and inform authorities by dialling 104 in case any individual shows symptoms of the COVID-19 virus.

8) Staff must carry a 50ml hand sanitizer bottle with them at all times.

MTC Chennai to not allow travelers in buses without corona masks