Earlier in the day, a fake censor certificate of Master was trending on social media. The censor certificate had a runtime of 181 minutes and U/A censor ranting. But it must be noted that the film’s post-production work has now been completed neither has the team applied for the censor certificate yet. However, this censor certificate has now made the headline. When we checked with our sources close to the Master team, they confirmed that the censor certificate is fake.  
 Official clarification on Master censor certificate and runtimeOfficial clarification on Master censor certificate and runtime
Thalapathy Vijay’s Master was planned for an April 9th release but has been postponed due to the corona crises. But with the look of things, even if the lockdown is released in the coming days, Master’s release won’t be anytime soon. Only when the situation gets better not just in India but also in the international market, we can expect Master’s theatrical release.