A 21-day lockdown is something this generation has never seen before. People are panicking for various reasons due to this. Each and everyone have a set of issues that they are scared to battle during these crises. The daily wages and weekly wages employees are clueless on how to earn during this tough situation, organizations are under to pressure to allocate money to pay their staffs even without any productions, some are finding it hard to tackle boredom while a few are concerned about their physical fitness regime and diet imbalance.  
Madhavan has now shared his views on diet and body weight during this situation: “Ohhh so many diet advice. So here is my take...In these unique circumstances, the body will not put on weight. Unless you’re drinking and boozing like crazy...the forced relaxation is very stressful. You will not put on wight – don't worry about diet...just eat calmly what you like to eat from your childhood...chew properly and just three times a day...with proper intervals between meals...and you will be fine...spread the love not the stress and virus. Maddyism.”