Actress is having a tough time arguing with Ajith Kumar fans on Twitter. Ever since she made a comment asking Ajith to control his fans for using foul languages on public platforms, Kasturi has been targeted by a few fan pages that claim to support actor Ajith Kumar. Today again, Kasturi had faced problems from such fan pages who kept annoying Kasturi by defaming her. Kasturi is someone who doesn’t let things go easily without a fight. She decided to seek the support of her fans to ban such pages. Kasturi even thought her supporters how to ban a page. Later realized that this is not the time to argue and fight, so she posted a tweet before rushing to the supermarkets to store food during the Corona lockdown.  
 Bigg Boss Kasthuri question Thala Ajith manager Suresh ChandraBigg Boss Kasthuri question Thala Ajith manager Suresh Chandra
Her tweet and English translation are as follows: 
“ஊரையே மூடிட்டாங்க, இந்த #dirtyajithfans லூசுங்க வாயை மூடாது போல. என்ன வேணா சொல்லிக்குங்கடா. நான் என் அறக்கட்டளையில் இருக்கற 60 குடும்பங்களுக்கு மூணு வாரத்துக்கு சோத்துக்கு வழி பண்ண ஓடுறேன். No time for nonsense. Everybody be safe. 21 days !!!!” 
“Even when the whole country has been closed down, these #dirtyajithfans can't seem to close their mouths. You keep talking whatever you want, I am rushing to ensure a way for proper food for the next 3 weeks, for the 60 families in my trust.”