National Award-winning actress Kangana Ranaut compared Mumbai city to Pakistan-occupied Kashmir on Wednesday as Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) officials demolished alleged illegal structures at her office after a huge altercation with Maharashtra's governing Shiv Sena. Pictures and videos of a bulldozer demolishing parts of her office have been going viral on social media. 

In a statement, Kangana Ranaut has alleged that the Maharashtra government is targeting her due to her fight with the Shiv Sena, which is also in control of the BMC. Amid heavy Y-Plus security, the 33-year-old actress was escorted by the police to catch her flight to Mumbai from Chandigarh. 

Reacting to the demolition of her Mumbai office, Kangana Ranaut in a series of tweets on her Twitter page lashed out against the BMC and the Maharashtra government, while comparing their actions with Pakistan. She wrote, "As I am all set for Mumbai Darshan on my way to the airport,Maha government and their goons are at my property all set to illegally break it down, go on! I promised to give blood for Maharashtra pride this is nothing take everything but my spirit will only rise higher and higher." 

Sharing pictures of BMC workers, Kangana added, "Babur and his army Slightly smiling face#deathofdemocracy". The Queen actress then posted pictures of BMC workers demolishing her office building and compared the whole incident to Pakistan and Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. She tweeted, "I am never wrong and my enemies prove again and again this is why my Mumbai is POK now #deathofdemocracy ".

In her final tweet, she stated that there was no illegal construction in her house and pointed out that the government had banned any demolitions till September 30 in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic crisis. She called out Bollywood and branded them as "Bullywood '' saying these actions are what fascism look like. Her tweet read, "There is no illegal construction in my house, also government has banned any demolitions in Covid till September 30, Bullywood watch now this is what Fascism looks like #DeathOfDemocracy #KanganaRanaut". 

Kangana's lawyers have approached the Bombay High Court in an effort to stop the demolitions and cited in their appeal an order against any demolition till September 30 due to the COVID-19 outbreak. In their claim, the BMC had listed 14 violations against the actress' Mumbai's Pali Hills office, with a civic official quoted as saying by the Press Trust of India (PTI) that there were "illegal alterations" at the Bandra bungalow, which would also be demolished.