Actor Kamal Haasan who runs a political party Makkal Needhi Maiyam has been taking active part in politics for some time now. Earlier, Kamal expressed his solidarity with Prime Minister Narendra Modi's request for the Janata Curfew to prevent the spread of the Corona Virus. Now, Kamal Haasan has taken to his Twitter handle to share a sarcastic tweet against Modi. His statement reads as follows: “All the balcony people take a long and hard look at the ground. First, it was Delhi, now Mumbai. The migrant crisis is a time bomb that must be defused before it becomes a crisis bigger than Corona. Balcony government must keep their eyes on what's happening on the ground too.” 
 kamal haasankamal haasankamal
Kamal Haasan has been very open about questioning the methods and actions of Indian government. It must be noted that Kamal Haasan has earlier penned a couple of letters to Prime Minister Modi to take evasive action to safe people from Corona pandemic. In his letters addressed to PM, Kamal had asked Modi to help daily wage workers and people from low-income strata. Kamal has now taken a sarcastic dig against Modi terming his government as Balcony government.