We have been reporting about the gore accident that took place at the shooting spot of Indian 2 which took away the lives of three crew members. Kamal Haasan who addressed the press today has announced 1 crore as relief from his personal fund. Here is what the actor had to say: 
“This accident should have been avoided, but I don’t consider it to be an incident happened to Lyca Production, this is an accident that happened in my family is how I feel. I am not meeting the press to represent either Lyca Productions or Raj Kamal Productions. Film industry is my family, I have been in this industry since my childhood. But this incident has proven that this business needs protection. We are proud of producing 100 and 200 crore films but we fail to provide basic safety measures for the workers who are part of those films and that is a shame for the industry. Since, this accident occurred at my film’s shooting, I am personally very ashamed. I would be giving a sum of 1 crore from my personal fund for the people who are dead and also the ones who are injured. That’s not a compensation for what we have lost, it is just that some of them are very poor people. 3 years back, I was in an accident, I know how difficult it is to recover from something like this.  
Of the 3, one could probably afford, but nobody can afford to lose life. Mr. Krishna used to work with me as an assistant, it is only day before yesterday, he came and proudly said - “I joined two days back.” And he is no more now. And there is Madhusudhana Rao and Chandran. In, fact, I might have been in this very same mortuary along with these 3 dead souls. Just few second before the incident, director Shankar left the tent, very lucky, heroine Kajal and me were inside the tent, had I been standing two feet on either of my side, someone else would have been talking about my obituary now. We will have to ensure that no one else die because of an unsafe shooting environment. There are accidents waiting to happen and we should see that they don’t happen.”​​​​​​​