While the Income Tax official have been conducting raids on the premises of Thalapathy Vijay for the past 18 hours or so, his fans have been busy tweeting in support of him. Two hashtags - #WeStandWithVIJAY and #WeStandWithThalapathy have been trending since yesterday evening ever since this issue started. Some fans claim that these raids are conducted by the ruling party to intimidate Vijay who has a political ambition while some say it is a promotion for Thalapathy’s upcoming film Master. This is not the first time that Vijay’s premises have been raided. Five years back when Vijay acted in a film called Puli, the IT officials raided his premises on the day of the film’s release. Puli eventually released on the said date after a lot of struggle. Whatever said and done, fans have always been by Vijay’s side and these raids would do no damage to his fame. Here we bring to you a few positive tweets posted by Vijay fans.