The Indian Government has ordered a nation-wide lockdown for 21-days to prevent COVID-19 from spreading and most people are following it, though some are not taking it seriously and violating all the guidelines. Some people have lost their routine, no proper diet or physical fitness as they have no motivation to workout. Here is a video that will spike up your motivation level. It is a transformation video of Hrithik Roshan. Hrithik Roshan is also quartered inside his house with his family, including his ex-wife Suzanne and kids but nothing stops him from working out.
Hrithik Roshan shares father Rakesh workout video says Corona should be afraid
Watch out the video and you will indeed feel inspiring. We are sure that with such determination and resolve, all of us can definitely fight out this COVID-19 Corona Virus and emerge victorious in these testing times. “The journey is often more memorable than the destination. No matter what you do, Turn It Up and don't forget to thrive while you survive.” Now check out this transformation video of Hrithik Roshan: