Popular stuntman Brad Allan, known for his work predominantly in iconic global superstar Jackie Chan's films, has passed away. He was 48. Having also worked in Hollywood blockbusters like Wonder Woman and the Kingsman franchise, Allan's cause of death has not yet been released to the public. The news of Allan's passing was confirmed by his representative on Saturday. In a post on Jackie Chan's official website, it has been stated that an "illness" was to blame for Allan's demise. Jackie Chan wrote in a blog post, "I never imagined that just a few days later, today, I received another unbelievable and heartbreaking news," while also mourning the passing of another team member, Yang Sheng, who too passed away recently. 

Jackie Chan said, "A fourth generation JC Stunt team member, Bradley James Allan, also passed away from illness. Many years ago while I was filming ‘Mr. Nice Guy,’ he was just a fan and I remember him coming to visit the set. At that time, he was crazy about Chinese Kung Fu and had practiced it for many years. It was because of his amazing skills and talent, he transformed from being a fan to a stuntman, and eventually joined my JC Stunt Team. He even fought with me in 'Gorgeous' and I think a lot of people remember this skillful boxer in the movie. He has also contributed to many of my movies." He continued, "Over the years, he’s made masterpieces that have amazed many people in the film industry, including ‘Kingsman’ film series, 'Wonder Woman' and many others, making him a very well known action choreographer in Hollywood, and also an excellent role-model to many action stars."

Before entering films, Brad Allan had studied martial arts, boxing, gymnastics and Chinese circus arts and went back to his native Australia at the age of 22 after mastering language and martial arts in Asia. It was at that time he met Jackie Chan after which he collaborated with the veteran superstar for 12 years on the Jackie Chan Stunt Team. Soon after, Allan carved a niche for himself as a stunt actor and coordinator on several notable Chan films among which include Shanghai Noon and Rush Hour 2, while also working on the design of the action sequences in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Wonder Woman, Solo: A Star Wars Story and the Kingsman franchise. At the time of his death, Allan had also completed work on The King’s Man and Marvel Studios' upcoming Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, scheduled to hit screens next month.