Hiphop Tamizha’s Naan Sirithaal is scheduled to hit the screens on February 14 and the makers have been releasing a single every week. We have so far got four songs from the album of Naan Sirithaal and all the songs have got a very good reception. It is now time for the release of the fifth song and the announcement about it has been made. This new single will be called Keka Beka, named after the short film on which Naan Sirithaal is based on! ‘Keka Beka’ song will be released tomorrow (February 1) evening at 6 PM on YouTube and other audio streaming platforms.

naan sirithal

The trailer set good expectations for the movie and if the film is as good as the trailer, then the box office success of the film is assured. Produced by Sundar C’s Avni Cinemas, Naan Sirithaal is directed by debutant S Raana, a former associate of director Shankar. Naan Sirithaal’s star cast includes Iswarya Menon, Badava Gopi, K.S.Ravikumar, Munishkanth Ramadoss, Shah Ra, Eruma Saani Vijay, and others. The film has cinematography by Vanchinathan Murugesan and editing by Sreejith Sarang. Get set to listen to a fun song from Naan Sirithaal tomorrow!

naan sirithala