Veteran Scottish actor Mike Mitchell, known for his performances in global blockbusters like Mel Gibson's Braveheart and the Russell Crowe-starrer Gladiator, passed away due to a cardiac arrest while he was sailing on his boat to Turkey. He was 65. A representative for the actor said he lived on a watercraft with his wife, Denise. The representative for Mike Mitchell in his statement said that he felt honored to have collaborated with the actor and called him an honest person and expressed grief saying he feels deeply saddened and hard to believe that he is no more. 

Mitchell began his career as a bodybuilder and went on to claim the Mr. Universe title, including several fitness awards like the Fitness World Championships and five Masters Mr. World titles. Mitchell was also bestowed with the title of Britain's strongest man last year. Director Mark Stirton too paid his condolences on Twitter over Mitchell's death and wrote, "Gutted to hear about the death of my old friend and actor in three of my films, Mike Mitchell. So long Big Mike." 

Born in Aberdeen on August 21, 1955, Mike Mitchell joined Queen Elizabeth II's forces at the age of 16 and got dispatched as part of the Royal family's Special Force as a Bomb Disposal Specialist and Combat Frogman. Apart from his passion for fitness, Mitchell also proved his mettle in business and established an Offshore Oil industry and shot to fame in acting after starring in Braveheart in 1994. His bulk physique landed him roles, including performing action sequences in Gladiator in 2000 under Ridley Scott's direction. He has also starred in films like One Day Removals, City of Hell, and Skyfall to name a notable few.