'Galatta Nakshatra Awards 2023': Atlee crowned as the 'Box Office King of Indian Cinema', opens up on the possibility of 'Thalapathy 69 '- WATCH

'Galatta Nakshatra Awards 2023': Atlee Crowned As The 'Box Office King Of Indian Cinema', Opens Up On The Possibility Of 'Thalapathy 69 '- WATCH - Tamil Movie Cinema News
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It was a memorable evening on November 30 as fans got to witness the biggest stars lead the celebrations at the Galatta Nakshatra Awards 2023 and blockbuster Tamil filmmaker Atlee was one of the major highlights of the star-studded event. The hit director, who is fresh from the massive commercial success of his big Bollywood debut, Jawan, starring Shah Rukh Khan, was honored with the 'Box Office King of Indian Cinema' award presented by Kavery Kalanithi. Atlee, whose Jawan grossed more than 1000 crores at the worldwide box office, expressed his happiness at receiving the 'Box Office King of Indian Cinema' accolade at the Galatta Nakshatra Awards 2023, while also reaffirming that this is a sign of identity that someone from the Tamil film industry can make it big in Hindi cinema. 

Speaking at the Galatta Nakshatra Awards 2023, Atlee said, "Shah Rukh sir had come to my office for a meeting. After the interaction, my wife Suji (Priya) and I escorted him to see him on his way out when he told me to accompany him to the stadium. I told him that if I joined him it would be a confirmation that we were doing a film. He then said that we were indeed doing a film. There was this one photo that came out at the time, which received a lot of hate comments. I saw how people said, 'Are you someone who can sit there?' I say now, 'Yes, I am the guy and we can do it.' That is my feeling today, but God is so kind. What we think, God will do for us, but we'll have to work hard and sincerely for that. We need to be there for our family. That is all. You will go ahead. So, thank you Suji for getting this to me, and thank you ma'am (Kavery Kalanithi). I have a big connection with Sun TV. I received my salary as an assistant director for the first time for Enthiran from Sun Pictures. It has been my wish long-time wish to do a film with them and I think it will happen soon. Thank you, ma'am (Kavery Kalanithi) for giving me this award. I'm honored."

Upon being asked about his next possible collaboration with 'Thalapathy' Vijay, the much talked about Thalapathy 69, Atlee said at the Galatta Nakshatra Awards 2023, "I would like to speak about Kalanithi Maran sir. Of course, I have deep respect for Baahubali and S. S. Rajamouli sir, but before that, Kalanithi Maran sir was the person who made Indian cinema turn around and look back at us. He's the visionary behind Enthiran and made the entire world look at us and say that we too can make a film that. So, I always have respect for him. At one point, I took Jawan to him and he said, 'Tell me, Atlee, we'll work on it.' He has never let me down. So, if I'm approaching him, I will go with my biggest and best film, and I think it will happen soon." When queried about writing a story for both Shah Rukh Khan and Vijay, Atlee said, "I too heard about it. Yes, I'm writing and it'll be nice if it happens." 

Watch Atlee at the Galatta Nakshatra Awards 2023 in the video below: