'Galatta Golden Stars 2024': VJ Priyanka gets emotional about her father, says "I'm not saying this with any arrogance"

'Galatta Golden Stars 2024': VJ Priyanka Gets Emotional About Her Father, Says
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It was an evening of grand celebrations on March 29 as the biggest names in cinema and entertainment graced the Galatta Golden Stars 2024 held at the Sir Mutha Venkatasubba Rao Concert Hall in Chennai. Among the popular names who were put under the spotlight was VJ Priyanka Deshpande, who received the 'Best Television Anchor - 2023' award from choreographer-actor Sridhar master and Dr. V. Gomathi, Founder and Director, Femi9. Expressing her joy after being honored with the big accolade at Galatta Golden Stars 2024, Priyanka said, "This is my first award of 2024 and I'm extremely happy at receiving this from Galatta." 

Speaking further about her 'Best Television Anchor - 2023' award at Galatta Golden Stars 2024, Priyanka said, "I got an award from VJ Archana and there were so many people cheering me by calling my name. Each time I collect an award, it's like somebody is patting me on my back and encouraging me to keep going forward. As I always say, I promise you all that I will continue to entertain till the time my body has the strength to keep going until the point I get exhausted." She continued, "I'm not saying this with any arrogance. I'm doing something with belief in myself. I'm pursuing this with the goal to reach the finish line and the hearts of the people. My only wish is to say that I'll win for all of you. There's so much more to win and learn. All that will take some more time and I'll speak about it at the time." 

The celebrations at Galatta Golden Stars 2024 turned even more special as Priyanka's brother and niece Iha shared their love for her big honor. The evening was also witness to emotional scenes as a special conceptualized portrait of Priyanka receiving the 'Best Television Anchor - 2023' award from her late father was presented to the popular television host. Fighting her tears, Priyanka went on to say, "I recently met Archana on a show and I don't know why but, it's been too much love and thank you for being a lucky charm this year. It's too much love everywhere. I don't know if I deserve all of this. I don't even know whether my father would have liked all this had he been alive or be disgusted. It's often said that you shouldn't talk about your sorrows and hardships. I don't want to do that, but I only want to manifest happy things and that's the reason why I don't show much about myself outside. It really means a lot when you all come together and do this for me." 

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