'Galatta Golden Stars 2024': Vetri Maaran gets honored by his wife and children, first-ever on-stage cute family moments

'Galatta Golden Stars 2024': Vetri Maaran Gets Honored By His Wife And Children, First-ever On-stage Cute Family Moments - Tamil Movie Cinema News
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The Galatta Golden Stars 2024 was held recently on March 29 in Chennai and turned out to be a grand success as fans got to witness some of the biggest names in Indian cinema being celebrated on the big stage. Among the leading names who graced the star-studded awards ceremony was National Award-winning Tamil filmmaker Vetri Maaran, who went on to be honored with the 'Changemaker of the Decade - Direction' award by his wife Aarthi and children Poonthendral and Kathiravan, while receiving a standing ovation from the audience.

Sharing his surprise at receiving the 'Changemaker of the Decade - Direction' award from his family at Galatta Golden Stars 2024, Vetri Maaran stated, "I was wondering who would present the award and I didn't expect them. I did think about 2-3 options in my mind, but I didn't expect this." Explaining that receiving the award from his wife and children was quite special, the hit Tamil director said, "Every time, any award or critical recognition or acclaim comes my way, I say, 'It isn't mine and should instead be given to Balu Mahendra sir because he made me what I am today in all aspects. He taught me everything and each time I win an award or get a recognition, it is his. The only thing is that the hard work is mine and everything else is his." 

Vetri Maaran, who was then queried about his name at Galatta Golden Stars 2024, said, "Three days before the release of my first film, I saw the copy and asked my friend, 'Shall I keep my name as it is or change it to only Maaran?' because I was afraid since comments would come at any time and I was hesitant. I then decided to go with my own name. As Balu Mahendra has stated, 'We can do hard work for a film, but its commercial success is an accident most of the times. Films releasing at the same time, the time when its coming out, and other such factors play a key role and to feel proud for such an accident is not befitting according to me." 

Vetri Maaran's wife Aarthi then shared her joy at presenting the 'Changemaker of the Decade - Direction' accolade and said, "Generally, I would ask him to take me along to award functions. He would not take me along. I won't put up a fight, but I would yearn for that always." She added, "But, today, I felt in my mind, 'What is this about you taking me along? I will come to the ceremony myself.' So, I'm very, very happy and it's a proud moment for us all since it's the 'Changemaker of the Decade' award." Aarthi also went on to share about how Vetri Maaran has been giving her the most unforgettable surprises in her life. The celebrations at Galatta Golden Stars 2024 didn't end there as Vetri Maaran's children, daughter Poonthendral and son Kathiravan, also made an appearance. In what was a special family moment, the two kids held a one-on-one Q&A session with their father on stage to test his knowledge on how much he knows about them, leading to several heartfelt moments.

Watch Vetri Maaran being honored by his family at Galatta Golden Stars 2024 in the video below: