In a surprising turn of events, Gabriella walked out of Bigg Boss 4 Tamil house and she walked out with the special cash money of Rs 5 Lakhs. It has been a regular practice in the Bigg Boss house where the finalists would be given an option to walk out from the finale with a prize money if he/she is not sure about winning the title. In the third season, we saw Kavin making his way out of the house with the cash money and it was an emotional moment for the viewers. A similar incident happened in last night's episode when Gabriella decided to walk out with 5 Lakhs. Rio also wanted to take that money and get out of the house, but Gaby got it first and she never agreed to give it to Rio.

Several housemates asked Gabriella to stay calm and think about her decision, but she was very confident enough and did not change her decision. She hugged everyone and shed tears while getting out of the house and she also mentioned that she'd be missing everyone and the Bigg Boss house. Since there are just three more days to the finale, it did not seem like a hard goodbye.

After coming out of the Bigg Boss house, Gabriella has now made her first statement on her Instagram page. Through the post, Gaby has also mentioned that she'd be coming on a live chat session today (Jan 15) evening at 4.30 PM. Gabriella wrote, "Back home after the exciting 102 days Bigg Boss journey. Looking forward to meet you all in my first live at 4.30 PM on 15th Jan". There was also a moment where Gabriella stitched a small dress for Rio's little daughter Rithi. Gaby presented it to Rio as a gift during the Christmas weekend time and the moment looked very sweet and heartwarming.

The dress has also now reached Rio's house and it was worn by Rithi recently. Rio's wife Sruthi shared a picture of Rithi wearing that dress. In return, Gaby said, "Cutest thing I've seen today azhaaaguu love you". These two posts have gone viral among the fans who are now looking forward to hearing from Gabriella through her live video. Gaby's exit has now reduced the number of finalists of this season to 5. Aari, Balaji Murugadoss, Ramya Pandian, Rio Raj, and Som Shekar. Among the five, Aari has high chance to win the title since his social media following has grown rapidly after his game inside the Bigg Boss house, but let us wait for the official results.