The Corona Virus outbreak is taking a toll on the daily livelihood of people and it is starting to get intense all around the world. All the schools, colleges, malls, multiplexes and theatres in majority of the states, including Tamil Nadu, have been closed until the 31st of March, in order to bring an awareness among the people. With theatres being closed down now, the screening of Harish Kalyan’s Dharala Prabhu, which released last Friday (on March 13) has been stopped. The film managed to earn a positive reception from the critics and general audience.

harish kalyan

Reacting to the unfortunate incident, the film’s production house Screen Scene Media released an official press note which reads, “Screen Scene Media Entertainment Pvt Ltd sincerely thanks the entire Media fraternity for its continued support for all our distribution ventures a grand success. We also sincerely thank you for your extended support for our first successful production venture ‘Dharala Prabhu’ starring Harish Kalyan, Vivekh and Tanya Hope, directed by Krishna Marimuthu. These are testing times for all of us. We prioritize safety ahead of anything else in the world. At the wake of Corona outbreak, requesting all patrons to take necessary precautions in staying safe and being indoors.


We're taking this opportunity to make an appeal to the audience. A lot of effort and love has gone behind making 'Dharala Prabhu' - a movie which carries a strong and relevant message to people across sections. Your support has been overwhelming and exceptional thus far. It's rather unfortunate that we had a chance to showcase our movie only for just 3 days from the time of release. We kindly request audience to avoid piracy during this period and support our film with a big heart. We'll hopefully be back on screens very soon, of course with your continued support. We hereby inform you all that as soon as this crucial phase gets over and as the theatres start functioning, Dharala Prabhu will be back on the screens.