The pressure brought onto everybody by the COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus and the subsequent lockdown is just not on health and economic issues. Many people are undergoing severe mental stress by not being able to cope up with the demands of the mandated isolation or work pressure or economic stress or even being able to adapt to the changes happening in the world and in their day-to-day lives. Following the extension of the nation-wide lockdown across our country, most educational institutions have shifted to online classes to ensure that the children's education is not totally affected because of this lockdown! However, this seems to have had an adverse effect on a family as a shocking news update has come in from Delhi!

Delhi woman commits suicide after husband refuses to buy new smartphone!

Reports state that a 29-year-old woman named Jyoti Mishra, mother of two children, reportedly committed suicide by setting herself ablaze with kerosene, after her husband refused to immediately buy a smartphone for their children's online classes. Jyoti had reportedly asked her husband Parmod Mishra to purchase a new smartphone for their children so they could pursue their online classes. However, Parmod had asked her to wait for a few days and disappointed with his response, Jyoti immolated herself. She was brought to a hospital in Safdarjung after sustaining 90% burn injuries but later succumbed to them. Statements from Jyoti, her brother, Parmod and their neighbours have been recorded by the Police and no foul play has been suspected as Jyoti herself admitted to having gone to this extreme step due to disappointment. It is indeed shocking that people resort to such extreme measures.