Curon is a new original horror series produced by Netflix which will have its premiere on the 10th of June. The series is about a woman who returns to a mysterious village in Northern Italy where she grew up, only to find her past returning to haunt her and her teenage children. Seventeen years after the tragic events that forced her to leave Curon, a woman returns home with her twin children. They soon discover that the town is cursed: when you hear the bells of the old church tower ringing, repressed feelings come back to the surface.

Curon looks to be taking us to a cursed town plagued by mysterious horrors. There’s also the suggestion that the locals may be in on whatever’s going on in the town, and there’s references to nightmarish visions, dark secrets, and even a lake that has woken up. “The curse will destroy everything,” one of the characters warns. Now check out the trailer of Curon: