Veteran actor Duraipandian, also a reputed criminal lawyer by profession, passed away in Chennai on Tuesday. He had been suffering from lung problems and diabetes and was admitted to the Kilpauk Hospital on Monday for treatment after complaints of chest pains. It has been clarified that he was not infected by COVID-19. The famous lawyer is being mourned by his fellow lawyers and filmmakers who have been extending their condolences on his demise.

A character artiste, Duraipandian is fondly remembered among fans for starring in films such as Mounam Pesiyadhe, Run and Gemini to name a few and left a sizable impression in crucial scenes. Among the films, his role in Mounam Pesiyadhe as the character Sundaram, Nandha's father, had many praising him for his performance. His character made appearances at key junctures during the film's narrative and also stole the show in a couple of scenes. 

Among the scenes that are most memorable featuring Duraipandian in Mounam Pesiyadhe are during the beginning of the film when thugs chase Nandha to a restaurant owned by Suriya, who ends up in a physical brawl and overcomes them. Eventually, Duraipandian witnesses the entire incident and advises Suriya to be more like his son Nandha, which evokes laughter from many corners. Towards the end of the film as well, we see him advising Suriya who goes after a goon who beats up Nandha for being in a relationship with actress Neha Pendse's character Mahalakshmi. His act in the film, although that of a supporting character, was appreciated by many critics, remains a memorable performance to date.