The testing times because of the COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus Pandemic, don't seem to be relaxing in any way. The state of Maharashtra, which is leading in India as the region with the highest number of affected people, has crossed another deadly milestone. 86 new cases of COVID positive have been registered in the Marathi state and this has taken the total number of affected people over 2000, making this the first state in our country to cross this mark. With this latest update, Maharashtra now has a total of 2064 people who have tested positive for the Corona Virus. Of these new cases, 59 have been recorded in Mumbai alone.

COVID Update Maharashtra 86 new cases Total crosses 2000

The total number of COVID positive cases in India stands at 9152 with Maharashtra, Delhi and Tamil Nadu, topping the list of most affected states. The number of lives claimed by this deadly virus stands at 308. The Maharashtra State Government has already issued an order to continue the lockdown for another two weeks and as of now, it has been extended till April 30. There were over 200 fresh cases reported on Sunday and it remains to be seen how many more cases would be reported before the end of today. In such difficult times, it is mandatory that the people observe all the precautionary methods advised by the Government and health bodies to ensure the safety of just themselves but all their near & dear ones too!

Galatta Media urges all its viewers to follow the Government mandated guidelines and preventive measures for your own as well as others' safety! Stay at home! Stay safe!