The start to Bigg Boss Tamil season 4 has been nothing short of splendid in terms of raising interest, with Kamal Haasan hosting the smash hit reality TV show once again after three successful editions. The ongoing season of Bigg Boss Tamil has already witnessed one eviction this past weekend in the form of Rekha Harris, with all eyes now centered on who the next contestant will be to shown the exit door. The remaining contestants in the show currently include Ramya Pandian, Rio Raj, Shivani Narayanan, Samyuktha Karthik, Gabriella, Aajeedh, Balaji Murugadoss, Som Shekhar, Suresh Chakravarthy, Aranthangi Nisha, Anitha Sampath, Sanam Shetty, Jithan Ramesh, Aari, singer Velmurugan and the first wildcard entry VJ Archana Chandhoke. 

Having said that, the first Bigg Boss Tamil 4 promo for Friday shows Anitha Sampath playing host in the house and explaining to the contestants the guidelines of a task. She informs them that they will have vote themselves starting from 1 to 16. The contestants will have to identify the winner of Bigg Boss Tamil season 4. The sixteenth contestant could also be getting evicted this week too, Anitha informs. During the promo, we see VJ Archana doing a head count and asking the contestants who will vote for her. We see Aranthangi Nisha, Aajeedh and supposedly Balaji Murugadoss raising their hands extending their support for VJ Archana. Next, we see Suresh Chakravarthy telling the contestants his views about them and says that Ramya Pandian is a strong player in the Bigg Boss 4 house. The last man standing is revealed to be Suresh and as informed earlier might be eliminated during the eviction process next. Whether Suresh will get eliminated or not remains to be seen and we can expect it to be know this coming weekend. 

This promo is an interesting one considering it throws the rules out in the open and informs the contestants nothing as they expect will turn out to be as they might think. This shows the contestants' views about each of them and incidentally their decison could result in a reaction then and there. There have been plenty of tense and highly dramatic moments in the Bigg Boss 4 house as we near the end of week three. With several incidents over the past week turning out to be controversial and a number of contestants being outspoken, angry, emotional, we can expect the show to take a radical turn in the form of the next possible contestant's eviction, 

Watch the Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 | 23rd October 2020 - Promo 1 below: