'Bigg Boss Tamil season 7': VJ Archana explains her stance on Pradeep Antony's Red Card elimination, says "You can't punch him..."

'Bigg Boss Tamil Season 7': VJ Archana Explains Her Stance On Pradeep Antony's Red Card Elimination, Says
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Archana Ravichandran or VJ Archana as she's called fondly by her fans continues to be the talk of the town after becoming the first ever wild card entrant to win the smash hit Tamil reality TV show, Bigg Boss. Having been crowned as the winner of the recently-concluded Bigg Boss Tamil season 7, Archana opened up on her experience in the house, while also sharing her thoughts about fellow contestant Pradeep Antony, who received a Red Card and was subsequently expelled from the show. 

Addressing Pradeep's Red Card elimination on Bigg Boss Tamil 7, Archana stated, "When I inquired about him through my friends and based on his tweets, I think he's doing good now. But, he shouldn't have gotten that beating and he doesn't deserve that. I'm talking about that name alone and nothing else. Character assassination. Women's safety. The thing is that nothing happened there for him to be made to leave the show along the lines of that word." She added, "If he didn't maintain decorum or he didn't talk properly using the right form of speech and if these were the reasons for him to be sent out, then I understand. But, he tried standing up for 'Cool' Suresh anna and it got twisted, and when it became a topic of women's safety, I decided then and there itself that I will not stand in support of a person being labeled as such because it's a matter of someone's trust." 

Informing that she never gave the Red Card to Pradeep on Bigg Boss Tamil 7, Archana explained, "I told I feel safe. I feel safe with him. He's even ironed my churidars." Reaffirming that Pradeep is innocent, Archana said, "Game-wise, strategy-wise, knowledge-wise, the way he thinks, everything is like super good because he has a creator mindset. I've seen that. We would discuss songs. And, in such instance, maybe the words he spoke might seem like were not in line with the decorum to be maintained." Archana continued, "The only way I see this is he's a strong contestant. You can't punch him in his face because he's strong." 

Watch VJ Archana talk about Bigg Boss Tamil season 7 in the video below: