'Bigg Boss Tamil season 7': Pradeep Antony makes a heartfelt request to fans; says "it might look like I lost, but I really feel like I've won..."

'Bigg Boss Tamil Season 7': Pradeep Antony Makes A Heartfelt Request To Fans; Says
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Pradeep Antony continues to be the talk of the town after his stint on the hit reality TV show, Bigg Boss Tamil season 7. Known also among fans for his playing the lead role in Vaazhl (2021), the popular Tamil actor on Monday, November 20, penned a heartfelt statement requesting his fans to not send him friend requests on Instagram stating that it is a personal space for him to share with his friends. Informing that he doesn't wish for the privacy of his friends and family to be attacked, Pradeep explained that he will share a portion of his life with the public on X (formerly Twitter), while also requesting people to not contribute to those who use his name in the name of crowdfunding. 

Speaking about his experiences on Bigg Boss Tamil 7, Pradeep stated that he has no shame in showcasing who he is while adding that he doesn't have any negativity towards his fellow contestants. He added that he would think twice before getting along with them in the outside world and said that he felt he won something big in life despite having lost on Bigg Boss Tamil season 7. Pradeep further stated that he wishes to demonstrate his talents to the world while saying that he will express his gratitude to everyone through his art for their wishes and love. 

Pradeep Antony's full statement on X is as follows:

"Just one request for privacy

Kindly don't send me friend requests on Instagram. It is my personal space which I use to share my happiness with my friends. It is not that I don't consider you my friends but I'm not in a place where I can trust and let anyone inside my life. My Instagram page has photos of friends and family. I feel social media is a mix of positives and negatives and it can tend to attack you on a very personal level. I can take criticism well, but I don't want my friends and families' privacy to be attacked. I'll share the portion of my life I want to share with the public on Twitter or whatever platform I feel comfortable with, but certain things I only want to share and enjoy with my very close ones and not be judged. I hope you understand my situation. 

There might be people who may use my name for crowdfunding and other things to project me in a wrong way. I'm not a person who likes to ask for money to make my art that way. I like making deals, I actually play life as a game. So if someone asks for money or kind in my name. PLEASE DON'T CONTRIBUTE. I might be poor, but I have my own set of ethics and aesthetics which I hold very close to my head. 

Now, about Bigg Boss. I'm very glad to have been part of the show and showcase who I am as a person. I loved every minute of the game, and not in one place was I ashamed to show who I was. I just let my emotions run free. I have nothing against any of my fellow contestants. Though I would think twice to associate with some of them in the outside world. Having said that, it is a Game, an amazing gladiator match of minds to be precise. I love games and as I said in the show 'All is fair, in love and war'. So in one way, I have to admit defeat as per Bigg Boss rules. It might look like I lost, but I really feel like I've won something huge which is priceless. I would like to use that to showcase my talents and prove to the world that as Tamilians and Indians, We think differently. We are different. That's all I feel. Thank you for all your love. I'll thank you back more through my Art. Love you all. Nalla irunga"