We are just three days away from witnessing the grand finale of Bigg Boss Tamil: Season 4 and the finale episode will be aired from 6 PM on January 17. The episode will be aired on Vijay TV and Disney + Hotstar platform. After starting out with 16 original contestants and 2 wildcard contestants, five of them have managed to hold on to the last three days of the game and it has been an interesting journey filled with several ups and downs. Aari, Balaji Murugadoss, Rio Raj, Som Shekar, and Ramya Pandian are the final five who are in contention for the title and among them, Aari is expected to win the game since his social media presence is quite strong and massive. Aari has managed to earn a phenomenal fan base for his honest and straightforward game play inside the house.

However, Bigg Boss is a game that has certain unexpected moments and so, let us wait for the final official results to decide on the winner. Recently, Gabriella walked out of the Bigg Boss house with the cash money of Rs 5 Lakhs and her exit made people in the house emotional. In today’s (January 15) earlier released promo, we saw Shivani Narayanan entering the house again to spend time with the finalists and other housemates. Shivani’s entry took the housemates by pleasant surprise and no one expected it.

Following that, Vijay TV has now released the second promo and in this one, we see a glimpse of a conversation between Shivani and Balaji. As everyone knows, Balaji and Shivani had a very good rapport and a beautiful friendship that looked good. A few people also doubted if both of them are in love since some of the moments looked as if they were in a relationship. However, they always denied the rumours and claimed that they are just good friends and there is nothing more to it.

When Shivani re-entered the house, we saw Balaji not being excited or interested in seeing her again and he looked dull. He even walked away from her after saying a Hi. In this second promo, Shivani asks Balaji if he is fine and if everything around him is okay. She says that he looks dull. But, Balaji assures that he is doing good. There is a sense of silence and awkwardness among the two and we can expect more of their conversations in the full episode. For now, check out the newly released promo video here: