Veteran English actress Una Stubbs, known among fans for playing Mrs. Hudson in the worldwide phenomenon BBC series Sherlock, passed away on Thursday following an illness for the past few months, her agent confirmed in a statement. She was 84. Stubbs had played the role of Mrs. Hudson on many episodes of Benedict Cumberbatch's Sherlock, which went on a hiatus in 2017 after four successful seasons. Sherlock co-creators Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss took to social media to express their condolences and pay their tributes to the beloved housekeeper from 221B Baker Street, the famous residence-house of popular detective character in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's stories. 

Una Stubbs' agent in a statement to Deadline said, "She was also a highly-respected and exhibited artist. We will miss her enormously and remember her always." Recalling their memorable moments with the 'loveliest light' on Baker Street, Sherlock showrunner Steven Moffat posted on Instagram, "What a woman, what a talent, what a star - and just about the kindest, nicest and funniest person you could meet." Adding some of the acclaimed movie titles Stubbs had starred in, Moffat stated, "I don’t know how anyone even starts summing up that career - Till Death Us Do Part, Fawlty Towers, the incomparable Aunt Sally in Worzel Gummidge...and of course, the irreplaceable heart and soul of Sherlock."

Similarly, Mark Gatiss took to Twitter and said that working alongside Una was "one of the great joys" of his life. He tweeted, "It was one of the great joys of my life to work so closely with and to adore Una Stubbs. She was a wonderful, wonderful woman and a great and serenely graceful actor. Mischief was in her blood. We were so blessed that she became our imperishable Mrs Hudson. Goodbye, darling."