Actress Yashika Aannand and her three friends met with a tragic accident recently and one of her friends, unfortunately, died in the accident. Yashika Aannand is currently under medical treatment and is in the process of recovery. The talented actress has sustained multiple fractures and injuries and it will take 5 months for her to stand and walk. Meanwhile, there were rumours which stated that Yashika drove the car under the influence of alcohol and there were wide speculations regarding the same. However, Yashika has denied the rumour and has asked the people not to spread false news. Yashika took to her official Instagram page to share her thoughts about the same.

Yashika informed that the Police officials have confirmed that neither she nor her friends consumed alcohol and requested the media channels not to speculate false information. Yashika's official statement read, "Law is same for everyone. For all the cheap people who have been spreading rumours about me being intoxicated while driving let me tell u the police confirmed we weren't drunk at all. And if I was I would have been behind the bars and not in hospital! Fake people spreading fake news has been going on from so long. But it's a sensitive issue. Hope u show some humanity and show some grief towards her!

Even the doctor reports would say the same! These fake media channels spreading fake news for sake of viewers and subscribers! Shame on u! I've filed a defamation case already for ruining my name 2 years back. But these people can go any extent for sake of gossip".

Yashika Aannand, on the professional front, will next be seen playing the female lead in the SJ Suryah starrer, Kadamaiyai Sei, directed by Venkat Ragavan. The shooting of the film is completed and the post-production works are happening in full swing. For now, check out Yashika Aannand's latest official statement regarding the rumours associated with her accident, here: