Payal Ghosh is a Bengali born film actress, she has acted Tamil, Telugu and Hindi films over the past 12 years. The actress was recently diagnosed with Malaria. There are reports stating that she might have contracted with Coronavirus. The actress clarified that it’s not Corona but Malaria. Her statement to the media reads as follows: "I felt uneasy a couple of days ago. My head started hurting and I had a slight fever later in the night. I was sure that it wasn't Covid-19 as I had taken all the measures. But my family was worried. We got the tests done and it was malaria. I would be fine soon and my spirit is high. It's nothing like what the less fortunate are suffering right now. I hope this pandemic ends soon and we all can resume the normal life." She also tweeted saying - “I’m a healthy person, but can’t take panga with mosquitoes... ek machhar.. don’t worry I will be fine soon.. this is the reason I didn’t say before, I knew you guys will panic..” 
Payal got her first acting offer when she was 17. Payal was asked feature in a Telefilm produced by BBC. In the period drama based on English soldier Richard Sharpe, Payal had played a village girl, the daughter of a revolutionary freedom fighter from Bengal. Payal also starred in a Canadian film in which she played a school girl in love with her neighbour's servant. Later, she was seen in the Telugu films Pranayam, Mr. Rascal and Oosaravelli and the Kannada film Varshadhare. She has completed her first Tamil film Therodum Veedhiyile, directed by Saro Sriram, in which she plays a traditional girl, who lives in Erode. However, the film did not release.