777 Charlie is a Kannada adventure comedy drama film written and directed by Kiranraj K. and produced by Govind Sahai Gupta and Rakshit Shetty under the banner of their production house Paramvah Studios. The film stars Charlie, a Labrador dog in the titular role, and Rakshit Shetty alongside Sangeetha Sringeri, Raj B. Shetty, Danish Sait, and Bobby Simha. The film follows the journey and bonding between a lonely factory worker and a stray Labrador dog.

The makers of 777 Charlie recently just dropped an exclusive deleted scene from the film. The scene features little Adrika's birthday where Dharma (Rakshit Shetty) walks into with Charlie. The two head up to Adrika who is just about to cut her cake. Charlie places the gift he has been carrying for her on the table. Adrika thanks them both individually and goes on to cut her cake with everyone singing and clapping for her. This is truly a heartwarming scene that is complemented by a piece of gentle yet soothing music playing in the background. Adrika then feeds Charlie some cake, shares a hug with Dharma, and finally takes a group selfie with them.

777 Charlier was shot in various locations all across India in places such as Karnataka, Goa, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, and Kashmir. 777 Charlie had a limited theatrical release on 2 June 2022 and was later released in theatres worldwide on 10 June 2022 along with its dubbed versions in Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi. The film received huge critical acclaim for its cast performances (particularly Rakshit Shetty and Charlie), writing, emotional weight, and direction. 777 Charlie became the fifth highest grossing Kannada film of all time after earning over Rs. 100 crores in the global box office.

Check out the deleted scene from 777 Charlie here: