Superstar Rajinikanth would be featured in the world famous Television show, Into the Wild, along with popular adventurer and television presenter, Bear Grylls. The duo recently shot together for an episode of Into the Wild and ever since then, the fans have been eagerly waiting to witness this exciting episode on the televisions. The promos managed to create huge hype and buzz on social media and Thalaivar fans were highly delighted seeing the energy of their favourite star. The highly awaited episode is all set to premiere tonight at 8 PM on Discovery Tamil channel and we can be sure that the channel’s TRP is going to reach a new high.


However, the episode is already out on Discovery+ mobile app and the premiere happened at 6 AM this morning. A section of fans have seen the episode and have cut special snippets from the full show. One such snippet, where Rajinikanth teaches Bear Grylls to wear sunglasses in his classic trademark style, is going viral on social media. The fans have been delightfully sharing this small video and we can expect more such videos to surface on social media from tonight.

into the wild

With a good mix of real adventure and highlight ‘Thalaivar’ moments, we can expect this show to be a great hit. The sneak peek videos and promotional teasers have created enough curiosity and expectations among the South Indian audience and on that note, tonight’s social media feed is going to be filled with posts about the show and Rajinikanth. Check out the viral snippet video from Into the Wild ft Rajinikanth and Bear Grylls here (below the images):