For the past few days, the rift between Vishal and director Mysskin has been the hot topic in K-town and it just got even more spiced up and controversial after Mysskin’s speech against Vishal. Two days back, Vishal had released a press statement citing the reason behind the conflict between him and director Mysskin over Thupparivaalan 2. Vishal stated that Mysskin’s demands as a director was over the top and not manageable which made him take the decision of becoming the director of the film.


Following that, director Mysskin addressed the press and media last night at the press meet of Zee5’s web series, Kannamoochi, where he raised strong questions against Vishal and demanded answers to it. Mysskin sounded very angry and pissed with Vishal’s behaviour over the Thupparivaalan 2 controversy. He presented his side of the story and the speech video has already gone viral on social media. He stated that Vishal abused his mother during the rift and he couldn’t withstand the torture that Vishal had given him for the past few weeks.

mysskin vishal

He also called Vishal, a ‘porukki’, who doesn’t know how to act humanely. Mysskin also added that he doesn’t care if no producer comes to fund his next project, as he feels that he can manage his livelihood by either doing a web series, or take classes in film institutions or work in a hotel. After repeated calls and pressure from Vishal, Mysskin offered to give the NOC (No Objection Certificate) for Thupparivaalan 2, for which he has penned the story and completed 32 days of filming.


On the filmmaking aspect, Mysskin cited that Vishal doesn’t have a script knowledge and doesn’t know how to write a story. Towards the end of the speech, Mysskin warned Vishal and called him for a Kurukshetra war. We have to wait for a few more days to know if Vishal has a reply to Mysskin’s speech. Check out the controversial speech of Mysskin here: