The entire nation is on a complete lockdown due to the panic situation created by the corona virus spread and this lockdown will continue until the end of this month. The people have been requested to stay indoors and maintain social distancing to contain the spread of the virus among the people. The doctors and medical officials are doing their best to save lives and people have grown immense respect towards the medical department. Having said that, Maria Juliana, more popularly known as Julie (who rose to fame with Jallikattu protests and Bigg Boss) is now a certified nurse to work in Post Acute Care of Corona COVID - 19 patients.


This certification has been approved by Intelycare and going forward, she can work as a nurse to help COVID - 19 patients (Post Acute Care). Julie is poured with wishes from her followers, fans and well-wishers. Even people who do not like her, have congratulated her, considering the seriousness of the virus issue.

bigg boss julie corona

It can be recalled that Julie was working as a nurse, before venturing into the entertainment industry. She had taken a break from the medical industry to pursue her passion, but realising the current panic situation, she seems to know the need of the hour. At this juncture, Galatta Media sends its best wishes to Julie on this completion. Check out Julie’s tweet below: