During a recent interaction with actress Gayatri Jayaraman, we got to know a few interesting shooting spot secrets that took place during the filming of Manadhai Thirudivittai. She also opened up about casting couch issue in Tamil cinema. 
Working experience with Prabhu Deva? 
“Prabhu Deva is a very difficult person to work with especially for those who cannot dance will find him very formidable. I learnt dancing at a very young age, so I told Prabhu Deva that I don’t know to dance. The highlight with working with Prabhu Deva is that he gives you a set of dance moves to prepare and when you ace those moves and be all gunned for the shoot, he will not use even one step that I would have practised, he would have changed the entire dance sequence. So you feel why did I practice so much? Even while shooting for ‘Manja Kattu myna’ song, it was during a freezing season in Ooty, Prabhu Deva was given fully suited costume with polo neck and a jacket whereas all I got was a bra. How fair is that? Won’t I feel cold wearing just a bra? But that’s how Tamil cinema is, I wasn’t happy while shooting for that song. The night before the shoot, that costume was sent to my room for a trail, when I tried it on, there was cloth below the bra but when I went to the location the next morning, that cloth was removed. Since the costume I had been given for the song was very flimsy and revealing. Not knowing what to do, I asked a hairdresser on the set if she had anything with her that I could use to cover myself. We searched in her bag and found two big sunflowers, which I used to cover myself, in that song.” 
Does casting couch exist in Tamil cinema? 
“If I tell casting couch doesn’t exist in Tamil cinema, then I must be lying, anybody says so is lying for that matter. Even people who say that it exists but they have not faced such situations are all lying. Sexual harassment may not always be physical, people rape a girl just by starring at her, its more or less the same feeling for a girl. I won’t agree if only actress in cinema field are facing this issue, this issue is common everywhere in every field.”