The third and final promo for tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 3 is now out and shows former contestant, Meera Mitun, who has now re-entered as a guest on the show, practicing meditation while Sandy is shown observing her closely. We see Sandy making attempts to understand Meera in her meditative state, which eventually comes off as poking fun at her. Mugen too is seen joining in along with Sandy with the two then imitating Meera Mitun’s meditation actions, which eventually wakes her up and leaves her quite surprised at what they were doing. Meera is then seen unable to control her laughter while walking away from Sandy and Mugen. It is well-known that Meera is one of the most debated contestants to appear in Bigg Boss 3 and had been surrounded by several controversies while being part of the show. The Bigg Boss 3 finale is set to take place later this weekend with Sandy, Mugen, Losliya and Sherin set to battle it out to emerge as the winner.

Check out the new Bigg Boss 3 promo along with screenshots of the contestants below:

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