The man behind the viral trending lyrics of ‘Oru Kutti Kadhai,’ Arunraja Kamaraja is ardent Thalapathy Vijay fan. It has been told that Arunraja had even narrated a script to Vijay once but the project did not materialize. But Arun is hopeful that he will direct Vijay someday. In an exclusive conversation with Galatta, Arunraja speaks about his ‘Kanaa.’ 
Arun Raja
“It is my dream to direct Vijay and I am very hopeful that will happen one day. You need to have a positive approach to getting your dream full-filled. So, I have been striving to work with Vijay but I am not sure how many attempts I will take for my dream to become a reality. More than getting a chance to direct Vijay, I am more concerned about making that special film work. I must first work hard to earn that chance. I need to ready a script that Vijay cannot say no to, a script that will be liked by the audience. I am working hard to find that special script, I am not distracted, that dream film will happen one day and when it happens, I will give my best.  
Vijay sir saw Kanaa with me, it was special screening organized for his family and Sivakarthikeyan’s family. He watched the film and when my name appeared during the end credits, Vijay alone raised his hands and clapped. Vijay and his family told me that they are so attached to the film and they would watch it once again. Vijay enjoying my movie is the biggest award I got.” Watch the full interview by clicking the link below: