In the last few days, it has been revealed that Superstar Rajinikanth used to lend money for interest. According to the statements from Rajinikanth’s side, the celebrated actor used to lend money to his friends who were in need at a very low-interest rate. Rajinikanth during a recent press interaction announced that he is an honest taxpayer and has not indulged in any illegal trade practice.  
Initially, it was said that Rajinikanth was supposed to pay a fine of 66 lakhs, it was later reported that he need not pay any fine. While the Income Tax was hell bent on making him pay up some Rs 66 lakh all these years, the case has been withdrawn, and Rajini is presumably debt free as far as the state exchequer is concerned. Now popular DMK politician J Anbazhagan who also happens to be a film producer has trolled Rajinikanth on his Twitter page along with a morphed photo - “எதுல 18% கந்து வட்டி வாங்குவதில்லா?”