An unfortunate crane accident happened at the shooting of Indian 2 last night which resulted in the death of 3 crew members namely - Krishna (Assistant director) Chandran (Art Assistant) and Madhu (Production Assistant). The incident happened at the EVP film city situated in the outskirts of Chennai. This film city previously used to be a theme park, incidents and deaths were common during the regular functioning of an entertainment park. Some people call this location to be jinxed. Bigil actress Amritha Iyer also feels the same way. She has opened up about an accident that took place during the shooting of Bigil after this horrifying crane crash incident at Indian 2 shooting.
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Amritha Iyer’s tweet reads as follows: “This is really Sad ! That place is actually horrifying, the same kinda light fell on a person during BIGIL shooting and we were all shattered just like this one !! I just wish ppl don’t go there to shoot again or just don’t go there , lot of negative vibes RIP.” We are not sure if this location is jinxed but for some precaution has to be taken by the production team while shooting with such monstrous cranes. Hope such accidents don’t happen in the future!