Popular Malayalam Television actress Thara Kalyan has posted an emotional video on her Facebook profile slamming offensive posts linking her with her son-in-law Arjun with some offensive captions. It must be noted that Thara’s daughter Sowbhagya recently got married to Arjun and photos were taken from during the post-marriage ceremony is what prompted few people to post offensive posts against her. This is the literal English translation to Thara’s video: 
"I only have God to ask questions on my behalf and I believe that he will intervene. Recently a picture of mine became viral on social media and a lot of you have been sharing it and commenting happily on it. You are entertained. Do I know the background of that picture? Since I did not have the courage to conduct my daughter's wedding alone, I steered it holding Guruvayurappan’s hand. Somebody has now taken a screenshot out of the marriage video, (portraying Thara in a questionable angle) and made it viral. Whoever made the video, let me ask you, is your mind a stone? Don't you have a mother at home? I will never forgive you in my life.  
Maybe the God who made you will forgive you. May the mother who gave you birth never have to face my pain. Social media is good, but such things should not be done. You guys hurt me and found happiness in that. All those who circulated and celebrated it, I hate you. You guys should try and learn to respect women. Even artists have feelings. I am a mother. You guys have done this using a picture from my daughter's wedding. Are you not ashamed of yourself? I will never forgive you."