Popular Malayalam and Tamil film and television serial actress Praveena has filed a police complaint against an impersonator who has been involved in cyber crime activities using her name. According to Praveena's statement, the person has sent unwanted messages and pictures to her followers and despite giving several warnings to him, there has been no development or change. As a result, Praveena filed a police complaint and the officials have promised to take necessary action.

Praveena's official statement read, "Hi my dear followers. Since the past few months, an unknown account is pretending to be me and sending unwanted messages and pictures to all the people I follow. (Family and work colleagues). I tried blocking the person many times and even warning them but no use. So, I have now officially registered a complain to the cyber police. They have assured me that they will take care of the situation and find the culprit. But as of now I request all my followers to block anyone that is pretending to be me or sending unwanted messages in my name. Please don't fall for this. Sincerely, Praveena Lalithabhai".

This clarification from Praveena will now make her followers and fans aware of the fake profiles. Praveena is known for acting in supporting roles in popular Malayalam films like Ustad Hotel, Honey Bee, Memories, Bangalore Days, Mili, 100 Days of Love, Carbon, etc. In Tamil, she has acted in movies like Vetrivel, Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru, Saamy 2, Comali, Teddy, and more. Praveena is also acting in an important role (as Sivagami) in Vijay TV's ongoing serial, Raja Rani 2 which stars Siddhu and Alya Manasa in the lead roles.

Some of Praveena's other serials in Tamil include Maharani, Priyamanaval, Magarasi, etc. Praveena played the lead role of Uma in Priyamanaval which was aired in Sun TV. For now, check out the official statement of Praveena, warning fans about the fake profile in her name, here: