Actor Suriya has now released a corona virus awareness video to emphasize the importance of self-quarantine. This is what the Singam actor has to say: “The deadly Corona Virus is spreading faster than we all thought, now all that we have to spread is awareness. During the days of floods and Jallikattu movement, all of us went to the streets, united and fought together. Now it's time for us to fight by sitting indoor. Italy is now the worst Corona affected country; it is all because of people who room in the streets without proper awareness. India shouldn’t become the next Italy. It is time for social distancing, we should stay away from others, at least to the distance of 1 meter.  
Wash your hands often, don’t rub your face with unclean hands. Not all coughs and fever are symptoms of Corona but if you have a prolonged illness for over 5 days, visit the doctor. Step out of your house only if it's so essential. It is not a vacation season to roam around with friends but to stay inside your house with your family. The total infected count in India which was around 180 in India has steeply raised to 250 in the past of 24 hours. The count only keeps increasing and that is a worrying sight for the nation. I hope we don’t spread this virus anymore. Government staffs and doctors are working day and night to keep all of us safe, the least we can do for them is stay indoor and control this virus as much as we can. The next 2 weeks are going to be very crucial, so let’s be cautious, stay home, stay safe.”