AmruthaRamam, the upcoming Malayalam movie starring Ram Mittakanti and Amitha Ranganath in lead roles is written and directed by Surneder Kontaddi. This romantic drama film is bankrolled by SN Reddy under the banner of Padmaja Films. Amrutha Ramam also features Srijith Gangadharin, JD Cherukuru and Sukruthi Narayanan in other supporting roles. Music director NS Prasu has composed the songs and background score for this movie. Santosh Shanamoni handles the camera as Kartik Srinivas takes care of the editing in this project. AmruthaRamam is expected to hit the silver screens soon and the makers have now released the official audio jukebox from the film. The album of AmruthaRamam has seven different tracks composed by NS Prasu. Check out the jukebox in the below link,

Song 1: Tholakari Chinukula
Singer:  Aditi Bhavaraju 
Lyricist: Chaitanya Prasad

Song 2: Naala Neevey Ilaa  
Singer:  Chinmayi Sripada 
Lyricist: Madhusudan Ramadurgam

Song 3: Neevele Neevele 
Singer:  Malavika 
Lyricist: Madhusudan Ramadurgam

Song 4: Neeve Naku Sonthamani
Singer:  Chinmayi Sripada, Lokeswar 
Lyricist: Chaitanya Varma

Song 5: Premante Inthenaa
Singer:  Ananya Bhat
Lyricist: Madhusudan Ramadurgam

Song 6: Oohaku Oopiri Posi
Singer:  Ishaq Vali
Lyricist: Madhusudan Ramadurgam

Song 7: Theme Song
Singer:  Aditi Bhavaraju
Lyricist: Madhusudan Ramadurgam

Amrutha Ramam MovieAmrutha Raman MovieAmrutha Ramam Movie

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