Chennai: The elder brother of a ganja peddler in the city turned him in on Wednesday after he boasted about how he and his friends had murdered somebody and dumped the body without being detected. According to sources, two of his accomplices were already in prison for other offenses when the incident came to light. A hunt is on for three of the arrested man's associates.

According to sources, a case was filed after Lokesh, Resident of Karikalan Street in Anakaputhur went missing in April 2019. He had left home on April five and his phone has been unreachable ever since. 

On Sunday, the Pallavaram and Shankar Nagar police arrested one Sivakumar for peddling ganja. When he was being interrogated, he let slip that he had overheard his younger brother, Batcha, boasting about how he and his friends had murdered Lokesh and dumped his body in a well. Lokesh, who was initially close to a five-member-gang including Batcha, had become friends with a rival gang and taken some of the customers to the rivals, angering Batcha and friends.

The gang called Lokesh for a 'meeting' at Anakaputhur and murdered him. The body was then cast into a well. While the men who were already in custody were arrested in the case, a hunt was launched for three others, including Batcha. The body of Lokesh is yet to be recovered. Other inquiries are on.