Popular director Ram Gopal Varma's upcoming film Enter The Girl Dragon is touted to be India's first martial arts film and the film has Pooja Bhalekar as the lead. The Indo Chinese co-production movie is produced by Jing Liu, Naresh, and Sridhar T. Rammy handles the camera, Kamal R is making the cuts and the music for the film is composed by Ravi Shankar P.

Earlier, the team had released the trailer fo the movie which got the eyes of the movie buffs. And now, the trailer of Enter The Girl Dragon has been released by Ram Gopal Varma. The trailer of Enter The Girl Dragon briefs the tale of a young woman played by Pooja Bhalekar who is a fan of Bruce Lee and wants to train in martial arts. The movie also has a romantic angle as the lady protagonist falls in love with a young innocent guy. How the lead actress learns to come through with the martial arts and romance forms the plot of the movie. Check out the second trailer of Enter The Girl Dragon,

Enter The Girl Dragon Trailer 2 | RGV | India's First Martial Arts Film | Pooja Bhalekar