Actress Yashika Aannand is in the process of recovery from the severe injuries that she sustained after meeting with an accident near Mahabalipuram. A few days before, Yashika and 3 of her friends met with an accident, in which one of her friends passed away. Yashika was admitted to the hospital in critical condition. Earlier today (August 3), Yashika Aannand took to her official Instagram page to share her health update. According to her post, Yashika will not be able to stand or walk for the next 5 months as her back is fully injured. The actress has also sustained multiple fractures in her body. Yashika mentioned that she has been injured, both physically and mentally, as she has also lost a dear friend.

While it is going to take Yashika a few more months to return to normalcy, it is fortunate that she has come out of danger. At this moment, Galatta Media wishes Yashika a speedy recovery, hoping to see Yashika back in action soon.

Yashika's official statement read, "Apart from all the negativity, I'm grateful for all the prayers and well wishers. Thank You for your care n love. Health Update - Multiple fractures in pelvic bone and right leg fractured. I'm resting post my surgeries. I won't be able to walk or stand for next 5 months. I've been bed ridden all day and I have to pass motions on the same bed. I can't turn left or right also. I've been stiff for these many days. My back is fully injured. Luckily nothing happened to my face but this is definitely a rebirth for me. Which I didnt ask for. Mentally and physically I'm injured. God has punished me. But this is nothing compared to what I've lost".

Yashika, on the acting front, will next be seen playing the female lead in SJ Suryah's Kadamaiyai Sei, directed by Venkat Ragavan. For now, check out Yashika's official statement on her current health condition, here: