There finally seems to be some better news for Tamil Nadu, on the COVID front! It is that time of the day, when the official number of #COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus cases in Tamil Nadu, are given out. Today, has turned out to be a better day with the new number of positive cases being moderate! We have today's numbers for you, here! Tamil Nadu has had 52 new cases of COVID positive being reported in the state. Of this, 47 new cases have been identified in Chennai alone, taking the district's total to 570, to 523. There have been positive cases in only 3 districts in Tamil Nadu and apart from Chennai, there have been 4 new cases in Madurai and 1 new case in Villupuram!

TN COVID Update 52 new cases total 1937 No New Deaths

Thankfully, there have been no new deaths in the past 24 hours and the death tally in the state, stands at 24! Giving more of positive news, we have had 81 new recoveries today and the total number of recovered people has gone up to 1101, which is higher that the number of active cases in Tamil Nadu, which is at 809. A total of 7,176 COVID-19 tests have been conducted in the last 24 hours, taking the total number of tests, up to 94,781! It would be good to see the same downward trend continuing and the numbers coming down over the coming days, before the curve flattens altogether. Flattening the Curve is important and it can only be achieved if we stay home and stay safe! 

Check out the district-wise infected cases and detailed stats here:

TN COVID Update 52 new cases total 1937 No New DeathsTN COVID Update 52 new cases total 1937 No New Deaths